Civitas (pronounced siv-i-tahs) is Latin for “Community”. It evokes the spirit of citizenship, shared responsibility and common purpose that are critical to success.

When you choose a CIVITAS Financial Advisor, you’re entering into a unique long-term relationship. One where your advisor takes the time to develop a thorough understanding of who you are, how you think and what matters most to you. It’s a relationship that combines financial experience with intimate knowledge of your priorities to plan, protect and help fulfill your vision of the future.

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Business Growth

These days, taking a wait-and-see approach is no way to run a small business. We can help you discover strategies for future success.
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Future Goals

Taking a holistic view of your financial picture, Civitas can deliver insights and solutions to help you accomplish more of your goals. Learn more

Estate Planning

By allocating funds wisely and employing tax-advantaged financial tools, you and a Civitas advisor can work together toward providing wealth for future generations and lifeblood for the causes that matter most to you. Learn more

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